Generate automated report graphs/charts using queries directly from SQL server

Generate automated report graphs/charts using queries directly from SQL server


Job Description

Dear oDesk experts,

Can you help us generate automated client presentable graphs/charts using queries directly from SQL server?

We collect health & wellness data about employees of a company and each month, quarter and year we have reports we share with the company to help them understand how their population's health is doing overtime or as a result of some activity we introduced. We have defined all of these reports and currently use a PPT that links to an excel sheet, which we copy and past data into. We need a solution more sustainable, such as using a type of technology that would allow us to directly select the client, start and end date, and the report query directly to the database and return well designed and formatted graphs/charts. By linking the reporting directly to the database we have the capability to show live/changing data.

We'd be open to having the graphs/charts saved/stored as an image or displaying directly to a encrypted, HIPAA compliant web page, or FTP site to show the live reports to clients.

Here are some ideas, can you please offer a solution and provide an idea on budget?

- Link Microsoft PowerPoint with queries directly to SQL database?
- Set-up google charts* for each report and query the database to extract/show each completed google charts (need to make sure HIPAA compliant or de-identify the data before sending to google charts)
- Any other ideas of how to accomplish this task?

*Google charts -

Skills: reporting