OCR iPad App To MySQL database


Job Description

I need a competent app developer to make me an app for iPad, which can use the camera to take photos of paper documents containing text, convert that text from image to actual text and compare the entries to those in my MySQL database, creating what is basically a list of items.

All text in paper documents is written in a standardised way.

If the same item appears multiple times, the app must count the number of times each item appears.

As an add-on, if this is possible, it would be nice if the app could recognise certain items of information like addresses because of their position in the photos taken.

ie. top right corner, first line would be the name of a person followed by their address.

It could then couple that information with the items listed on that particular paper.

The photo taking or data capture part of the process must be fast, even if the compiling of the list is slower. So it might be better to take all the photos first and then compile the list second rather than processing the info on each photo in turn.

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