Personal Assistant and Admin Support

Personal Assistant and Admin Support


Job Description

Our business is an Australian based company that has multiple small businesses. The largest business which it operates is in the Taxi, Limousine and Bus industry within Australia.

Our business is simple and very effective, which focuses on providing transfer services to clients within Australia, whether it be for a taxi, limousine or bus.
70% of our business is generated from regular clientele that have used our service in the past.
On the other hand, 30% of our business is generated from 2 websites.

Being the owner and founder of the company, I am a one man team with several drivers. I handle all the email and phone inquiries as well as managing the day to day taxi limousine and bus bookings.
Basically, when a client requests a transfer, I will then enter this into our calender and every morning, allocate the jobs to our 5 vehicles/drivers for that given day.

To add to the tasks, I also have admin work such as managing the vehicles and rosters for our drivers, accounting work, and marketing to further grow the business.

I am looking to hire a personal assistant to myself, plus an admin support personal that can handle the following tasks:

- Administrative support
- Accounting for the businesses quarterly business activity statement
- Email response handling for transfer inquiries
- Confirming and entering bookings into our calender (Google calender)
- Marketing which includes updating website content and creating flyers for print and email
- Data entering
- Handling of vehicle maintenance reports and scheduling

The applicant will need to have the following skills:
- Excellent English writing and reading ability
- Excellent English spoken language where at times you will need to speak with client
- Previous Experience in admin support which enables you to handle all types of data entry as well as reporting of the data.
- Experience in marketing and website/web-design
- Experience and Knowledge in accounting for the Australian Tax which enables you to complete the quarterly Business Activity Statements returns (BAS)
- Internet and technology savvy

I look forward to your applications.
If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me.

Please note, this job is paying upto $100 per week.

Many Thanks
Selim Lok

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