New Clothing Line needs Branding Marketing and Distribution in Stores

New Clothing Line needs Branding Marketing and Distribution in Stores


Job Description

Tanoshi is a new clothing line that symbolizes the gathering of everyone seeking a unique fun creative lifestyle!

Launching our brand this season, several content of new media are being produced to showcase our merchandise along with an exclusive official party being held in one of the best clubs in Montreal, Canada.

We are seeking a talented and highly experienced consultant for marketing and branding clothing products. Especially one who can get our designs into major stores.

What you need to know:

TANOSHI is the Japanese word for "Fun!" and is characterized with our uniquely designed mascot of a Panda.

Although we have a huge background in Import automotive racing culture, our fans around the world have been demanding a larger distribution of our Tanoshi T-shirts after seeing many others posting pictures in social media networks while wearing Tanoshi in night clubs, concerts, and after parties.

What we need from you:

- 1 to 2 Hours consultation through SKYPE/Google-hangout video chat with our team.

- Discuss what you know about such an endeavor when it comes to marketing and branding new products, especially relating to our mission in particular.

- Layout a summary of options for us to begin implementing as soon as possible. Mainly focusing on marketing methods and how to get our clothing line in major stores (starting in North America).

- A huge plus if you happen to already be connected to key company purchasing agents from "Mall" type stores.

Depending on how effective your assistance will be with us, Tanoshi would be more than happy to offer you proper commissions if you are able to push our clothing line into more stores.

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