Storyboard, Illustration and video production for Teaser campaign

Storyboard, Illustration and video production for Teaser campaign


Job Description

This is a development for a teaser campaign for a product to be carried out in various versions addressing a variety of health issues related to the consumption of sugar in one's diet. There are 2 teasers to be done. One is the Cbesity teaser using an overweight male character. The other is a 30 something woman who is ageing prematurely due to sugar in her diet.

I am looking to hire someone who can do the storyboard for both the presentations and illustrate the scenes with camera angles and text annotations based on the attached script. The voiceover and background music is already available. Its preferable that the applicant also has flash video and editing experience as well so that we may accomplish everything in the same place.

An example of previous work done can be viewed on We'd like to continue with a similar theme whereby, the video will be informative and educational while bringing in the various emotions that describe the problem and euphoria in expectation of the solution which is about to come. The example in the video relates to a person who is diabetic due to consumption of sugar. The videos to be produced are related to Obesity and Aging.

If you have the creativity and the skills to do this project and take pride in what you do, then please apply asap. Your work will most likely be viewed by millions around the world as this product is a real need for people suffering from various lifestyle ailments around the world today.

This is a fixed price project and I have therefore given an example of what we expect. If you are confident of delivering the project within the timeframe and required quality, we look forward to hearing from you soon. When you apply, please forward me any examples of your previous work.

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