Customer Service/Order Processor Needed


Job Description

Please read completely before applying. There is information you must include to be considered for this job.

We are an ecommerce site looking to hire 1-2 people to assist with customer service and order processing. You must have experience with this type of job to apply.

The order processing portion of the job will include entering orders into QuickBooks from our website, Amazon, eBay, and Excel spreadsheets. You will then need to process the orders from into our warehouse system or to our physical stores.

The customer service portion will include answering emails and phone calls from customers. You must speak great English and be able to type very well. Customer service includes handling return authorizations, issuing exchanges, issuing refunds, and answering all other questions. Most of this is done through email and about 15% through phone calls.

Experience with customer service
Great skills in speaking and typing in English
Experience with QuickBooks
Available from 9am-1pm EST Monday-Friday

The training will be different hours, but the job will go from 9am-1pm EST once you are ready. We prefer people in this timezone to make the time easiest for everyone.

Please tell us about your experience with all of the requirements if you are interested in your job. This will be an ongoing, long-term job.

Skills: english, typing