Improve upon a 2-page case study

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Our internal team created a 2-page case study of a project we recently completed in 2012. I am looking for someone with a sharp and critical eye to look at the study, from two points of view:

Marketing: do the words flow? do they send a clear message? what does this sell?

Technical: does the story hold together, do the terms used sound like gobbledygook, or do they sound solid? does this project deliver tangible value that the reader can see?

The end-product of this will be twofold:

- a new version of this in Word, adding in the recommended improvements
- general advice on how to make these 2-page presentations better

I am available to answer questions about the topic as well.

Note: this is not homework! I have a PhD, and no need for any further schooling. Rather, this is looking for someone to review an employee's work and to make improvements upon it for a real-world business need.

Here is the current case study.

Skills: english, marketing