Training for AGI/IES files and roadway lighting calculations

Training for AGI/IES files and roadway lighting calculations


Job Description

Thank you for your application.

We are seeking an electrical engineer with specifically AGI software experience. We need someone to help run lighting calculations. This position will be for someone looking for long term part time work as well as some time dedicated to training one of our in house sales persons to use the software.

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List 3 strengths, and 3 weaknesses you have

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What are your 3 most important questions you have for me?

What days off during the year do you require?

Can you please provide me with 3 references from your past employers?

Go to and take the disc, jung, and team role assessments. There are no wrong answers. Be 100% honest as each different personality type and team player can fit somewhere within our company. Forward the results to me at

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