Data Miner/Web Researcher/Virtual Assistant/Data Entry

Data Miner/Web Researcher/Virtual Assistant/Data Entry


Job Description


Various tasks will be assigned including but not limited to: data mining, data entry, research and speaking with potential clients on the phone.

THIS JOB IS NOT COPY & PASTE! It requires that you COMPREHEND English. You must have good READING COMPREHENSION skills.

Permanent task: Enter small amount of data onto various websites. You MUST be able to enter the same data every Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 2-3PM (California/Pacific timezone). This usually takes about 5-10 minutes. It is your one critical function that MUST be done without fail as if your life depends on it. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FULFILL THIS ONE TASK. Training on this specific task will NOT be provided, you must be able to follow simple directions without help.

You will be expected to provide a status report using Google spreadsheet each day, confirming your entry with a fresh link to each entry.

You must know how to use Google Search, Docs & Spreadsheet. You must know how to follow simple directions. Hint: You can start by following the directions in this post.

You MUST speak and UNDERSTAND fluent English.

Be sure to read the attachment. You must agree to the attached policies. You must follow the directions in the attached document. Do not bother applying if you are unable to follow ALL instructions. Spam applications will be rejected. Only those that follow instructions will get an interview - assuming your rate is acceptable.

Job is daily for several hours. You must be able & willing to work at least 2 hours every day, 7 days a week. You must work during my local time business hours (8AM-6PM) and may be asked to work until 8PM. Be aware that I am NOT available from 8 PM to 9 AM Pacific Time.

How to apply:

Respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
o Your experience with speaking on the phone to Americans.
o Your experience with data mining, web research and/or virtual assistance.
o Your experience with data entry to websites.
o Your proficiency with Google Search, Docs & Spreadsheet.
o Days & hours you are prepared to work, stated in my timezone.
o A statement saying and confirming: "I have read and signed the Declaration of Professional Conduct and am prepared to submit it at the interview".
o Go to the meeting planner at Suggest a mutually reasonable range of times for us to speak. Use Los Angeles for my city.

An interview will be conducted by skype and tasks will be assigned the same way, therefore you must have a working headset. You must be able to start immediately.

Low bidder with most experience and best feedback wins job. Do not apply if you have previously left clients without warning or otherwise failed to complete the client's job or received poor feedback. I'm looking for a reliable
professional. This is a long term position.

Do not apply if you do not understand everything in this job post.

The following is in ADDITION to everything stated above.
Your interview REQUIRES that you be on cam.
You must be on cam during all working hours.
If you are an agency or agency contractor, do not apply unless you are able & willing to comply with these requirements.
Include a statement in your application that says "I understand and agree that I will be required to be on cam during my interview and during all working hours."
(If you think this is unreasonable keep in mind, this is a job - no different than if you had a physical job at a local employer. You would be required to show up on time and the manager could see what you are doing at any time. Here, you get the benefit of not having to travel to work. Isn't that awesome?)

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