Skilled Unity game developer wanted for exciting opportunity

Skilled Unity game developer wanted for exciting opportunity


Job Description

A skilled Unity3D game developer is wanted to help us complete our game prototype - the first of a ground breaking new class of games. You can be part of this. We're offering incentives beyond just paid contract work.

A limited set of remaining deliverables required for the prototype.
If all goes well, extensive work will be available for the game development proper.

Must have Unity 4.
(Unity Pro and iOS add on would be even better).

Our main requirements:
- Using a range of rigged and animated character models provided, script 5 key encounters where groups of enemies attack the player.
- You'll be helping ensure the enemy are correctly positioned and spawned, animated, and their behaviour and actions look good.
- The game environment is largely done, but you may be able to help add a bit of flourish and enhance each of the 5 small encounter areas.
- The focus is on great visuals, animations, and particle effects.

Can you show work you've done on a game with animated characters that looks great?
Have you had exposure to GitHub? (not required but helpful).