Improvements on my Prestashop Store / PHP Development

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description


I would like you add these improvements on my Prestashop shop :
1) Add an upload file field in the product description using the tool "personalization" in the backoffice (product creation). Actually, this tool already exists but in another tab (personalization), not in the product description. I would like thise upload file field appears on the product description.

2) I would like the client defines itself the size (width and height) of the product he wants. The price and delivery charges will vary according to the specified size. Attention this system should not exist for all products. Some products have a standard size. Sizes defined by the client must appear in the order (backoffice).

3) Add a text "Fichier à fournir" (File to provide) incorporating variables based on definied characteristics for the product by the customer. By example, if the customer chose a table 80 x 50 cm, the text "Fichier à fournir : Largeur : 81 cm / Hauteur: 51 cm" (File required: Width: 81 cm / Height: 51 cm) should appear in the product description (above the upload file field).

4) Create a tool that will fit the picture according to the dimensions specified by the customer. For example, if the client provides a picture of 100 x 100 cm and he has chosen dimension 80 x 100 cm, it is necessary that the client sees only 80 x 100 cm and can center his picture. More explanations : A viewable area whose size varies depending on the size chosen for the customer. The picture uplaoded by the client is located in this area. If the picture is larger than the visible area, certain areas of the photo (outside the visible area) will be grayed out. The customer can move the photo in the visible area as desired.
The position of the picture defined by the client must appear in the order.

These elements should be enabled or disabled for each product in the backoffice. In fact, all products do not need these features.


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