List of Local Community Events to Sponsor


Job Description

What We Need:
We are in need of a web researcher to create a list of 50 local events in Summer 2013- Summer 2014 that our start-up tech company can sponsor in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. You will need to create a spreadsheet in MS Excel with the event name, URL, dates, city/state, purpose of event, sponsorship levels summary, and contact information of whom we need to contact for sponsorship.

We will provide the details on what types of events we are looking for, and our budgeting requirements.

Who We Are:
An interactive e-commerce company which specializes in the design, development, implementation, and operation of social marketplaces that encourage people around the world to: discover the world around them, connect with like-minded individuals, and to share their passions and voice with others.

Additional Notes:
**Applications without complete profiles/ portfolios will be ignored. **

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