Transcription 12 Hour TAT! Immediate hiring!

Transcription 12 Hour TAT! Immediate hiring!


Job Description

We have limitless projects for freelancers who can successfully submit a a two to three minute audio transcript with an error rate of no less than 5%. Deadlines are CRITICAL! You will have a limited amount of time to from the time of award to complete your "sample" transcript. Your testl transcript will be evaluated immediately to ensure compliance with our strict quality standards. Successful completion will result in the opportunity to be awarded priority option on future projects as they become available.
There will be not be compensation for the test transcript. If your initial evaluation is successful we compensate our “certified” colleagues on the 1st and 15th of every month. The rate will then be $14.00 per audio hour on all projects awarded during the probationary period. After the probationary period earning potential will ultimately increase up to $25.00 per audio hour.
The following are requirements for this job:

1. Ability to follow directions to the letter.
2. Must type at least 55 words per minute
3. Must be able to utilize provided templates and follow specific formatting instructions. (The primary format will be pre-set for your convenience.)
4. Must be able to proof your own work and be at least 95% accurate. (Deductions in compensation will be made based on our calculated error percentage.) Bonuses will be granted for exceptional and timely transcripts.
5. Must be able to handle a 12 hour TAT per assigned 60 minutes of audio.
7. All work MUST be performed in Google Docs using provided linked template. (Transcripts processed in other document programs and “pasted” into the Google Docs required template will not be paid.) To make sure you have read and understand this project opportunity please include your answer to the following three questions at the beginning of your cover letter. A. How long does it take you to complete 60 minutes of audio? B. Are you ultimately seeking a permanent position or ongoing project priority consideration? C. WHY do you feel you should be considered for this for this opportunity above all other applicants? D. What is your Universal Time Zone (UTC)? Failure to include these responses will result in declination of your application and you will not able to re-apply. Bids of $20.00 will be automatically declined for failure read and follow instructions

8. You must be available via Skype chat while handling projects for us. We recommend you as some audio files are too large to send via oDesk. These should be included at the beginning of your cover letter.
8. The open “test” segments are very clear audio, and may include some medical or other industry terminology. This will not be counted against error rating score. Confidentiality Agreements will be mandatory for all temporary and permanent projects.

9. Excellent spelling, grammar, and sentence structure knowledge!

10. Ability to start right away. 

11. Express Scribe (Free) (Or other professional transcription software.)
12. Google Docs Account (Free)
13. High Speed Internet Connection

We look forward to hearing from any and all interested parties!