Sentiment Analysis Program

Sentiment Analysis Program


Job Description

I need a program in Java that takes a large number of flat text files, parses them, and then compares each word in the text to a list of 'positive' or 'negative' words to count the total number of positive and negative words each document.

After this, I would need to build an inverted index of all the documents to be searchable by defined keywords (will be provided). The inverted index would be like this:

keyword1 -> document1
keyword2-> document1, document7, document14,

Then I would need a GUI front end that would make this inverted index searchable/can be queried. So if we wanted to know which documents have keyword1 and keyword2, the GUI program would output "document 1". It would also list document1's positive and negative word count/percentage.

This program would enable the user to enter defined keywords, match up documents that have those keywords, and then show the count/percentage of negative vs. positive keywords. This would be output in a drop-down list so if there is more than one document, all documents matching the keyword can be shown