Vtiger Customization

Vtiger Customization


Job Description

We are looking for freelancer for the below tasks of vTiger Customization. Please quote your bid to over all the changes listed below:

- Company types should have separate colours. In the company a drop down menu should identify the company types/status and on the main page / filter page respective colours should identify the companies.

- Service contract PDF needs to be designed according to our existing contract. We have PDF module already installed and need to print PDF file from service contract module as per our existing design.

- Advance user login reporting. A proper user report with filters should be generated to monitor login/logout behavior of users.

- Auto logout of user after idle time. However, in the user login report auto logout should be defined as auto logout.

- Ticket emails should be formated with updates showing username updated with time/date stamp and should be in HTML format with customization. Currently the ticket updates email shows only comments in text mode without the user info who has commented on the ticket.

- Under ticket, dependency should be added. when certain product/service is selected, a dependent field(s) should be visible (such as Contact name) and must be mandatory. under the product/service page, every product should have the option to select the dependency.

- Under organization, the tickets menu should show open tickets by default and should have the small drop down to select all.

- At the expiry date of service contract, it should show expired itself.
- Service contract can be renewed based on existing contract with related information

- Attaching email section to ticketing module

- Service contract menu should have a graph / report about contract expiry and office availability.
- Service contract status should be active and ended automatically based on expiry date and should have the ability to CANCEL manually in between by the manager.
Service contract should have the option to RENEW with the link and the renewed contract should link the reference of the last expired contract.

- One click email templates on the organization should be added. by clicking them one fix email template should be sent out to that organization.

- Under the organization we have new fields that has certain expiry dates. A workflow to be created that once that expiry date falls under specific dates (for e.g. expiry is less than 60 days left) and auto email is generated to specific user and the company and a ticket is auto generated.

- Add services / products to Service Contracts (Multiple)
The value should be calculated and discount option should be there

- Mandatory field in lead creation is picking up the first value in the drop down list. It should not pick up the first option instead ask the user to select the data as compulsory.

- "Lead Source" to be moved from Contact to Organization. Consequently the lead conversion info of Lead Source should reflect Organization field not contacts.

- Under contacts, document information box the nationality should show non-editable as per the selection in the main contact box. This will be just for the reference for the user to see what selection was made on the top.

- Under Organization and Tickets Module, the default page should have a drop down list of all USERS and by the default the logged in user name should be selected and only tickets/organization related to that users should be shown.

- Main page of Organization and tickets fields should be modified from default to our requirements and certain fields should be sorted from the top such as "Priority"

- Tickets that are not read by the "assigned user" after the last activity, there should be an alert going to the user with reminders until it has been seen.