ZOHO Public Membership Micro Site


Job Description

We are looking to develop a minimal viable product prototype that will be used by early adopters. We are considering doing this in ZOHO Creator. Would you please assist us in giving me an idea of what a total development of a points for tasks rewards program might cost and how long it would take?

We are working up full specs including screen mockups and workflow so the specs will be detailed. The basic overview is members sign up via an embedded ZOHO form on our landing pages hosted on another SaaS tool. The members then see an explanatory video. From there the users come back daily to see what tasks tehy can perform for points. Such as share on Facebook, watch videos, upload videos etc. The actions all take place off the microsite on our main site at www.EdgeMusicNetwork.com So you do not need to track the actions. The user will request validation they have done the task and our people will confirm the task is done. For this administration we will need pages within the ZOHO app to confirm points into the members account. We will also need pages for the member to view, select and redeem points on various rewards called "Perks".

As I said this is a working prototype gamification microsite and we will have full specs soon. Right now we are trying to decide if we should have it built by an experienced ZOHO developer or try and do this in house.

Do you have any working complex public ZOHO apps we can look at?

If we find a developer or team that can do this for us quickly and at a reasonable price we will deliver full specs ASAP and engage them immediately.

We are open to other quicker and cheaper SaaS options other than ZOHO if it meets our needs.