Joomla 2.5: Premium SMS Membership (Import, Campaigns & other tasks)


Job Description

I have a Joomla 2.5 Linux site. I installed JomSocial. The primary goal is to configure JomSocial with a template and make the site look good. The second goal is to import our large user list (300k+), automatically generate their login credentials, and enable a solution so we can send welcome email or SMS. Other tasks need to be done also.

1. Configure JomSocial so that the homepage of the site is JomSocial's.
2. Create user groups for various segments that will be provided (less than ten) so that each group logins and is brought to a page specific to their group.
3. Create or install a tool/extension for importing users from CSV (CSV files from vTiger CRM). We have custom fields, so this tool will need to create custom fields as needed. When each user is imported, they will be placed into a group depending on where they live (either "US" or "Foreign"), automatically generated login credentials, which will be either emailed or sent via SMS. The welcome email/SMS will be customized as part of a marketing initiative. Ideally, the system will be able to send reminders to each user if they have not logged in.
4. Memberships: all memberships will be free, but we would like to be able to send premium SMS. Example: "Send text message to code {PREMIUM_SMS_CODE} to receive {PREMIUM_SERVICE}". We have accounts for several premium SMS providers; we need help understanding their API requirements and how to implement.
5. Other add-on's, extensions, plug-in's, and features will need to be installed and configured ongoing. Therefore, this is a paid hourly job.

We are looking for an expert:
* JomSocial - specifically, memberships and email/SMS marketing campaigns to large lists from JomSocial
* SMS servers for bulk SMS marketing campaigns
* Implementing advertising solutions in JomSocial (something like Google AdSense). If you have recommendations for which advertising network, and can get those sponsorship ads on member homepages so that the ads look like navigation elements (like a menu), which will result in higher clicks, then you are likely to be selected for this project.

Our objective for launch is to send welcome email/SMS to our large list and have them login and be brought to their member homepage which will be customized with advertising offers for them. The goal is that users will click on an advertisement. We have a very large list and therefore if our click rate for advertisements is high enough, we will be very happy.

Our preference is to use our own GSM modem for sending SMS, or an Android on our existing mobile plan as opposed to using SMS API for an online service that will charge us by message sent (we would like to use the unlimited international plan we already have). If you can do either of these, please explain, as this is VERY important.

Please respond with a summary of your relevant experience, and your hourly rate. The project will begin immediately and be ongoing.