Graphic Designer needed for small startup website

Graphic Designer needed for small startup website


Job Description

Job Description

I am looking for a graphic designer for a smaller effort (guessing 2 to 5 hours at first with potential for more) with expertise in designing and/or selecting inspiring yet simple images for a startup commercial website based on limited information which can compel site visitor participation. I’m looking to provide a concept and see where you take it.

The job will entail:

1. Create a main home page graphic that will stimulate site visitors to interact on the site
2. Potential to create inspiring email images and/or templates to compliment current content
3. Potential to review current website design and provide advice on improving through inclusion of powerful and professional images

I am looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Strong online graphic design background
2. High degree of creativity and originality developing highly inspiring images/graphics
3. Strong understanding of color and style

How to apply:

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Description of your background in graphic design, and how much time you’ve spent creating online graphics
2. A verifiable portfolio of your work with emphasis on original creations with description of the exact responsibility

Skills: design, graphics