Simple iPad App Needed!

Simple iPad App Needed!


Job Description

Read before you apply!

Hello and good day!

I need a talented team to make a app showing users how to use Microsoft Word.

Basically this app will be a tutorial on how to use Microsoft Word. One great example is an app called "Easy To Use - Microsoft Word Edition" by Gr8 Media.

Team will design (artwork) and program (code) this app!

App will be for iPad only!

App must be done and ready to submit to the app store in less than 4 weeks!

• Contractor and his/her team must have a 4.7 or more star rating with multiple previous contracts.
• Team must be able to show previous related work and be ready to explain how you would build this project!
• Team must be able to prove and demonstrate how they can do this kind of work.
• Team must be good at programming for iOS! Android programming is a plus.

• Team must be good at handling and submitting “In App Purchases”.

• Team must agree to PEN INK sign an NDA form. No ink signed NDA, No contract!

• Team must agree to a fixed rate pay contract. SORRY, BUT NO HOURLY PAY FOR THIS JOB! Bi-weekly pay may be negotiated. We will discuss and come to an agreement. Check my oDesk feedback. I pay all my workers!

• For fixed rate jobs, Contractors must agree to receive 5 -10% down payment. More Payment will be made after proof of work is submitted!

• Team must be flexible with payments / pay dates and not plan to keep my work hostage for more money!

• Team must understand that once a cost agreement is made, NO more money will be demanded or asked for (unless certain circumstances arise), or CONTRACT WILL END IMMEDIATELY!

• Team must agree to submit work every 1 week with daily reports. If I’m getting work later than this, I will terminate the contract!

• Team MUST agree to email me a current WORKABLE / EDITABLE source code of this app with each and every build submitted. If I do not get a working source code of this app with each build/copy submitted, I WILL IMMEDIATELY END THE CONTRACT.

• Team must have multiple ways of contact (emails, Skype, G-Talk, phone numbers, etc.). I must have multiple contacts of the whole team in case I cannot get in contact with you. Without these, no contract!

• Team must have an active website with portfolios of previous work and ways of contact (phone numbers, emails, etc.)!

• Team must know how to use Drop-Box. All work will be saved there!

• Team must know how to use “Test Flight and/or Diawi”. This is how I would like to get all my builds instead receiving files!