Quantity Surveyor / Estimator


Job Description

We are a construction company that designs and builds detached houses in Malaysia (typically 10,000sq.ft in size).

Please see www.aiqglobal.com for details about our company.

We are looking for an experienced and ideally qualified quantity surveyor that can accurately prepare our bill of quantities for our houses. We want to know quantities for steel, concrete, bricks, paint, etc... and estimated man-hours for each set of works.

For the purpose of the bid please bid for a FIVE 10,000sq.ft house. If the houses are bigger or smaller we will adjust for them.

All our diagrams are in Autocad.

Please send us an example of a bill of quantities you have created recently.

Our budget is highly indicative. We would consider bids significantly lower or higher than our budget of US$6,000.

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