Hostbillapp integration with joomla cms webservices

Hostbillapp integration with joomla cms webservices


Job Description

Integration api webservices of hostbillapp billing software into joomla cms.

1) I need a joomla plugin component module for webservices to integrate hostbillapp billing software product database from hostbillapp to joomla cms website instantly in order to have the products updated by crons once products are added or updated from hostbillapp billing software.
Cron api webservices will have the option to be updated per time setup and each time new products are added to hostbillapp billing software.
Like a hostbillapp joomla plugin that will scrape and display all hostbillapp products into joomla cms catalog with cathegories and subcathegoires.

2) I need a hostbillapp joomla cms Login module Authentication bridges WITH A HOSTBILLAPP Integrator that will bridge Joomla users to hostbillapp with 1 single loging?

Please check same demo but for whmcs here

As I dont have any bridges created with joomla, but developing for HostBill is really easy as its well documented at
Database structure is also pretty straight-forward - skilled developer will be able to pull out such integration easily.

Skills: billing, software-development, linux

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