Develop a Data Usage Location Map using Social Media Data Aggregation


Job Description

I am looking for someone who knows how to use social media data aggregation and discover where cell phone users are using their devices in multiple locations in the US. We want to discover how much people are using their wireless devices and data in each of these locations and exactly where they are standing/walking when using this data.

The final delivery of the work will be to collect the social media data of a minimum 5000 cell phone users in each of the 10 locations we'll be analyzing, mark the location on the map where the users are using different colors to outline the number of people. e.g. Dark Red = 1000 people, Red = 700 people, Yellow = 500, etc.

We will need the exact location of the users + how much data they are using in that location + how many people.

The specific locations that these studies will need to be conducted will be provided upon hiring.