Illustrated Scenes for Video Insert


Job Description

Job is for an app, based in the UK, to prevent alcoholics from drinking and help them lose their addiction. We need 7 illustrated scenes, in the graphic style of image attached.


We need a few frames illustrated, in animatic kind of style. The end result would be in the same style as the bottle image attached, probably sticking within the current palette mostly, except when there are other real life objects in scene, like trees, roads etc.

The frames will be animated by us to cover over voiceover. You could potentially use the already made (hero?) bottle image, especially in the crack a bottle scene. (01)

The frames are to illustrate a girl's journey in stopping alcohol, so she will be in all of the frames. I would give you some photographs of a model in real life, in situation for a few of the frames to help out as reference. (your illustrations dont have to match her exactly, just a kind of reference to her, the style is not realist anyway)

These are the rough scenes at the moment, to be fleshed out to whoever wins the contract:

01) crack a bottle- outside table
02) results black and white- behind a computer
03) stick it on my fridge- kitchen
04) take two three days off- recreation of some kind
05) spoken to gp- dr surgery/ desk interview
06) go to gym more- packing for gym, trainers on
07) end shot, so much happier- wide shot of walking towards gym, happy, content

In terms of extra treatment direction, I think keeping the scene relatively clear and simple is a good idea. You dont need to clutter it up with too much detail, but the key props can have more detail, like your bottle. So take the first scene, probably the girl and the bottle would have the most detail, then the table and other background stuff can be more simple/flat... if you think that works (and should not take as long). The animation will be quite simple, playing with parallax by putting trees etc further back in Z space. It is a testimonial so we will start with the actor in a normal interview kind of shot, then cut to animations, possibly staying on animations until the end.

Graphics must be vector layered .ai delivery is fine. Work in 1920 x 1080

Delivery will ideally be over the next few weeks. ASAP preferred, please include your potential delivery date in your response.

Further detail on each scene, here is the script:

I’ve always enjoyed having a drink, particularly after a hard day, but I hadn’t realised that I was cracking open a bottle almost every evening.

When I saw my results in black and white on-screen, I decided to make a change, and so made a simple plan on the website of how, when and what I was going to do to change my drinking.

I emailed my plan to myself, so I could print it and stick it on my fridge as a regular reminder of what I was aiming for.

One part of my plan was to take at least two, sometimes three, days off a week from drinking.

Cutting out those days has really helped me to break the habits that I had started to form.

Now that I’m putting my plan into action, I still drink but I have cut down massively in the week. I have spoken to my GP, who gave me more advice and I’m going back later in the year to let him know how I am getting on.
I’m so happy that I’m going to the gym more on my alcohol-free days as I’m really health conscious anyway and so that makes me feel good in a whole different, healthier way.

Cutting back on the booze has helped me lose a few pounds too, which has also made me feel so much happier and more positive.

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