Server Log File capture and Analysis


Job Description

This project requires an expert consultant that has deep experience with using and configuring the best open source server log analysis tools.

You must have proven experience with 1 or more of these tools listed below (or others you may recommend ) and configuring and administering the tools so that they can collect and sort thru data for certain event types that will be specified. Displaying results in an easy to understand way and/or interfacing with open source charting tools to display good looking results.

A quick google search shows a list of open source log analysizers. If there is another you like and use, then tell us why.


Name Platform Supported databases Tracking Method Latest stable release License

Analog C Logfile-based Web log files 6.0 GNU GPL
AWStats Perl Logfile-based Web log files 7.1 GNU GPL
CrawlTrack PHP MySQL PHP pagetag 3.3.2 GNU GPL
Open Web Analytics PHP MySQL JavaScript or PHP pagetag 1.5.2 GNU GPL
Piwik PHP MySQL JavaScript or PHP pagetag or Web log files 1.9.2 GNU GPL
SnowPlow Apache Hadoop Apache Hive JavaScript 0.4 Apache License
W3Perl Perl Logfile-based 3.16 GNU GPL
Webalizer C Logfile-based Web log files 2.23-05 GNU GPL

Skills: apache, analysis, gnu

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