Marketing Company to Take Our Product to the Market


Job Description

SurfSafeVPN is seeking a Marketing Company to take our Product SurfSafeVPN with Photoshield to the Market. We have developed a unique VPN product which offers customers protection online for their personal information, credit cards, identity, ability to use WiFi securely, the ability to be anonymous online, as well as, through our PhotoShield product which removes metadata, the ability to post Photos and Videos online with being tracked. No other VPN product offers this ability. This relationship will be for internet marketing, email marketing, and telemarketing. Successful company must show a proficiency in, or show that they have relationships with companies who specialize in CPA, Incentivized Traffic, Email marketing, and telemarketing. Revenue will be generated through sale of the product. The successful company will receive a generous revenue split. We are looking for a partner with whom we can work on a long term basis.

Skills: marketing, promotions

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