Business Listings/Claims Fixed Price

Business Listings/Claims Fixed Price


Job Description

The project is to set up and claim various local listings and Internet listings for a given business and their website. I am looking for someone to do the tasks similar to what the service offers but without their long term and recurring service agreements.

For each listing the tasks are as follows:
- Claim and verify (or create if nonexistent) the listing for a given business.
- Upload photos, brand materials, business descriptions and other pertinent details from a media kit we will provide. The goal is to make this as complete as possible.
- Confirm and follow-up that all listings have been verified and link back to the business website.
- Inform us of any pending verifications or any tie-ins/API we have to load on the site.
- Save all access and login information to a spreadsheet we provide with the master list of social media and directory listings.

Materials Provided:
- List of websites to setup.
- Media kit with various photos, company details, brand materials and verification information.

We work together on (you inform us of sites that need phone verification and/or postcard verifications):
- Address card verification's.
- Phone verification's.

If you also find directories that fit the geographic location or type of business that we may have missed we encourage you to let us know and we will expand the scope of work to accommodate.

We suggest finding 15 directories relevant to the business and website content in addition to our list.

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