Friendly interesting girl next door voice for 6000 word video voiceover project

Friendly interesting girl next door voice for 6000 word video voiceover project


Job Description


Women from North America only please as we need this accent.

My company New View Media is working on a fun project...and we don’t have any voice talent on our team…

Have an amazing 6000 word script written for a gluten free diet website video. Script is broken down into around 50 different frames/segments (should be easier for taking a break or fixing minor mistakes). I'm no expert but it's estimated to be 40 minutes long. It's a real fun story script that's ultimately a video sales page for a gluten free product.

To get a very rough idea of the style/tones/speed of voice we’re looking for try to imagine this in a woman’s voice if possible:

We’re looking for excellent tone variety, stressing certain words, strategic pauses, selling the story, confident, getting interest, building trust, etc. You will be providing us with a clean, polished, professionally edited audio file of the complete 6000 word script in audio format.

US friendly, conversational, trustworthy, girl next door type voice is preferred.

Do not want sexy, sales voice = not too much exaggerated excitement.

This is a long video and we need a voice that you could listen to forever.

Please provide a sample of your voice over for us to hear.

We will need full rights for all voice over content and expect full confidentiality with all scripts getting passed over to you – please delete all copies from your computer after finished and do not share or use anywhere else.

Also I need someone who can guarantee the same rate on another future project 3 months down the line. It will be the same idea roughly 6000 words just with different content for a different video.

Do not require sound effects but if you feel like they are necessary in a couple spots that’s ok but keep them minimal = doesn’t take away from the listeners attention.

I'm really looking for someone that could get this completed by this Friday…maybe Saturday at the latest.

Sample Script:

• Hi, I’m Felicity! This baby Tyler and dog Daisy. And in the next couple minutes I’m going to share with you what's been called...
• “The most complete gluten free diet ever created for All-Day Energy, weight loss, and immediate relief from health symptoms … For a simple, healthy and happy gluten free lifestyle with permanent results...
• First though – I’m going to share a story with you that’s very difficult for me to relive…
• You’ll see why in a moment….
• So do me a favor – if you aren’t serious about getting back to a healthy lifestyle...
• Stop watching now…
• But… If you are really serious about getting back to healthy life – FULL of energy - then stay with me. I promise it will be worth it!


Please let me know if you're available...

Have a nice day,