Data entry help

Data entry help


Job Description


I'm looking for data entry help for company's website. I'm building a database with 10,000 business software products & companies. the work is to select/copy/paste/find ~20 fields per software product and ~10 fields per company.

Fields should include: product name, description, pictures, YT video, tagging, type, etc. examples for companies and products will be given.

Sources are: product/company website, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Google, etc.

MUST HAVE FLUENT ENGLISH AND PROVEN BACKGROUND IN BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS - you should understand terms such as ERP, BI, CRM, integration, industries, etc. hands on experience is not relevant but you should be familiar with the terms to accurately tag products.

I'll need you to start with trial of 5 products (i'll give user name and more details privately) so you can provide an estimate to the price. i believe after few products it should take 2-3 minutes per product and the price should be accordingly.

I'm looking for long te...

Skills: video, linkedin, english