Hyderabad India Video Production

Hyderabad India Video Production


Job Description

I am needing to get some prices for a small video crew, scheduled for Hyderabad in October. NOTE: This team MUST be from Hyderabad or nearby. We are not flying someone in from a distance for this project. You must be LOCAL.

The project will be filming in a children's school classroom, documentary style. We are still finalizing the schedule, but it could possibly include filming for 2-5 days. Mid-October of this year.

I would like to get a price list for the following:

1. Camera operator, daily/hourly rate.
2. Two (2) or three (3) cameras (please refer to equipment list below). Daily/hourly rate.
3. One (1) boom shotgun mic. Daily/hourly rate.
4. One or two (1-2) lav mic's, with adequate battery for a full day. Daily/hourly rate.
5. On-camera lights for each camera. Daily/hourly rate.
6. Tripods for each camera. Daily/hourly rate.

If you do not submit a price (or price range, low to high) for this project, I will not reply.

I will look forward to your reply soon.