internet marketing advisor, social media manager


Job Description

I'm looking for someone who can look over my social media sites for marketing and lead more sales. everything will be depending on their abilities. they may actually manage each social media site and do the marketing themselves. Or, they can give me advice and analysis on my business and social media sites and give me seo service and work on better ranking and brand recognition on internet. Like i said, everything is depending on the person's abilities, but i do prefer someone who can manage my social media sites (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google plus, flickr, and tumblr). Also the payment will be set to either fixed price or hourly rate, depending on what the person will be doing.

If you're applying to manage the social media sites, please send me your samples of social media sites you're CURRENTLY managing or recently managed. If you don't have enough samples to show, please send me detailed explanations in how you're going to manage each site (such as "how you'll find posting materials" "how you'll market my products using each social media sites" "how you find my niche market" "what kind of tactics you have to create more traffic to my site and products" etc.).

All applications will be read, but only the ones with good sample links and good english skill will be replied. Thank you.