Wordpress Jquery Masonry Images

Wordpress Jquery Masonry Images


Job Description

I have a website that is almost done but in need of some polishing up. Site is about uploading images and things that need some work include:
- some adjustment of jquery masonry (possibly using frames),
-adding social logins (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter)
- Adding image pages specific to various categories
- Fixing the user side of things (beautification)

Please take note of how the labels/categories are displayed, along with images that are using Jquery Masonry.
- Images are puzzled together.
- The labels/categories correspond with where users want the images to appear
- Flexibility to add different labels/categories is needed or where to place them
- Real-time concept to how images appear once uploaded by user
- Clean interface

An attachment has been added to illustrated layout.

N.B. I am looking for someone creative, open minded and able to work outside the box. Mastery of CSS, HTML, Javascript, Wordpress and JQuery Masonry is important.

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