elearning / CBT Developer in Captivate

elearning / CBT Developer in Captivate


Job Description

Development of an online elearning/CBT course based on the OpenText ECM product. PDF of the product interface attached.

We will provide you with the storyboard and the steps that should be recorded/captured in captivate.

The eLearning /CBT should have/do the following:

* Work in Internet Explorer (7 & up) and Firefox (3)
* Have a short quiz after each module
* Software simulation video
* interactive scenario where the user mimics what was done in the simulation
* Conditional actions
* Ability add popup text during videos - textual popups will replace voice
* Captivate code should be provided as part of the deliverable

A detailed specification will be provided.

Project milestones will be used for payment - we could work out something like payment after each module

Possiblity for multiple resources can be used on this project

NOTE: Please send links to previous completed projects when responding

If you have any additional questions, please ask

Skills: pdf, video

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