Web Based Application

Web Based Application


Job Description

Project description
Develop a web based application for auto workshop management. Each workshop can choose a virtual workshop that will be hosted on a central server or to physically host at the workshop. The physically hosted workshop management will need to connect to central server to synchronize some of that data. Each workshop will have its own independent management and users
Part of the workshop management is stock management. Especially for our partner supplier. It will be the responsibility of each workshop to update purchased parts. We need to track the parts purchased from our partner supplier and update it to the central server.
The central server will be regularly updated with parts catalogue from partner supplier and made available to workshops, virtual and physical.
The solution should also enable the partner supplier to send notifications and promotions to workshops. Also and email and SMS gateway will need to be provided to send notifications to workshop clients. (CMS)
Control Panels
The system will have three control panels: Workshop, System and Partner panel. Each workshop will have its own independent panel

System panel
Add and manage virtual workshop account
Add and manage account for physical server
Add and manage users to view reports (users of partner panel)
Ability to suspend accounts without deleting data
Manage partner supplier catalogue

Workshop panel
Add workshop users
Manage access permissions for users
Manage workshop configuration and setup
A tax system should be generically implemented for each workshop to be able to use it as per country rules

Partner panel
View reports / inputs
Send notifications and promotions to workshops

Other requirements
• Include recommended installation and configuration procedures for physical servers with basic security settings
• OS of physical servers is Linux based
• All software installed on the server must be open source
• Multilingual ( English, Arabic, and French )
• Customized workshop details, logo and headers/footer for each
• Print invoices with custom header for each workshop
• Web application must be developed with a light weight and high performance php framework.
• The code must be well commented
• User manual and video tutorial ( in English, Arabic & French ) will be integrated into the solution
• 6 months debugging , support, minor changes, tweaks & assistance .
*** French it is not an immediate requirement
These are basic, but not limited to, requirements of the solution. Final features and workflow will be provided after providing a working solution based on this document.