Download Dropbox folder content using PowerShell

Download Dropbox folder content using PowerShell


Job Description

I’m looking for a variety of PowerShell scripts. The scripts will do a variety of tasks from fairly easy IIS administration tasks to more advanced web.config modifications and multi-step tasks like downloading entire folders from Dropbox, then using that content to install a new version of a web product. This first posting on oDesk is to vet out a potential developer for multiple project.

::Download Dropbox folder content using PowerShell::
Input parameter: Dropbox folder path
Input parameter: Dropbox Access Key
Input parameter: Dropbox Secret Key
Input parameter: Local destination folder path

Connect to Dropbox using App Key and App Secret.
Download the Dropbox source path and all subfolders to the local destination.
If Dropbox tries to provide the content zipped, download the zip, then unzip it to the destination and delete the zips.

::Style preferences::
Leverage Dropbox API whenever possible
Use native PowerShell commands, rather than dos commands
Leverage add-on modules of PowerShell wherever possible.

::Extra notes::
Developer to configure sample project in Dropbox and provide all access keys, secret keys, etc for testing.
A sample file structure will be provided