Poker software like full tilt poker

Poker software like full tilt poker


Job Description

We are in need of a poker application which can be downloaded and played by the players.
The requirements are exactly similar to Full tilt poker's downloadable software. If all variations of poker are not there, then your software should be customizable so that we can add more modules to it. Should be playable on both windows and mac.
Also we need a facility to have payments through moneybookers or a similar integrated payment gateway to deposit money.

If you have a pre-made poker game which meet these requirements. Please get in touch, lets talk.

Edit 1: The backend server should be completely independent of the frontend UI, that is using either xml or json like communication, so that later we can port to mobiles if needed.

Edit 2: Budget is now increased from 3000 to 5000 to attract quality developers