eCommerce Website / WYSIWYG HTML Editor / Customized Android or Linux OS Image

eCommerce Website / WYSIWYG HTML Editor / Customized Android or Linux OS Image


Job Description


I am seeking a long-term partnership with a developer or development team who has the skills to create an application with the following features. Do not apply if you or your agency do not have the skills listed below.

The specific nature of this application will be discussed under NDA. However, the features below should provide enough basic information to determine skill match. While the web design should be very professional (I will provide wireframe and site to model after), the remainder of the project should be kept simple and functional ("proof-of-concept"). Once investment is procured, we will enhance / improve every area of the project.

Key Features:

- eCommerce Website
---- LAMP Stack. No MVC framework or content management needed.
---- High Quality Web 2.0 Graphic Design based on example sites provided
---- Wireframe, site map, and website copy will be provided
---- Google Map integration with Location Database
---- Custom Ordering System tied to online Marketplace API payment service (e.g.,,,,,,,
---- Custom HTML5 or jQuery WYSIWG editor used during ordering process
------- NOT FCKEditor because it is too complex for our needs, and doesn’t support drag-and-drop layout.
------- Just need four features:
---------- Image upload
---------- WYSIWYG text entry
---------- Drag-and-drop object layout
---------- Right-click to edit properties of different objects such as z-layer, transparency and animation
---- Customer Login with basic account maintenance, order review, and stats.
---- Admin Backoffice

- Sync Server
---- Receives request from appliance
---- Syncs generated HTML files and images to appliance
---- Database Logging

- Appliance
---- This is the heart of our product. We will ship these pre-configured devices to customers. When hooked a TV or Monitor’s HDMI port, they display the HTML pages created online (above).
---- We have tentatively selected the MK808 as our Mini PC appliance platform: (
---- Operating System: You choose Android or Linux
------- Android 4.1 Jelly Bean comes pre-installed, but will need to be customized with our logo and so that only specific apps can be run. MK808 Android source code is freely available.
------- Ubuntu Linux Build is also available for MK808 (
------- I will let you choose Linux or Android. Please explain your OS selection

- Apps / Customization
---- Security
------- Customized OS image
------- Ensure only desired applications are installed
------- OS updated through routine image synchronization
------- Displays only our logo when device boots up
------- Customer can configure device through configuration utility
---------- Wireless setup
---------- Ethernet setup
---------- Client ID (used to synchronize correct files – must be preserved when OS image is updated)
---------- Update from Internet (download new disk image)
---------- Update from SD (copy new disk image from SD card)
---------- Sync HTML-based files from server to the device (e.g., RSYNC)
------- LAMP (or similar) Web Server including PHP compiler
------- Browser App
---------- Launches automatically on boot up
---------- Full-screen ("kiosk-mode")
---------- Displays HTML/CSS files to HDMI from local webserver.

Contract Application Instructions (IMPORTANT):

When you apply, please provide the following information:
(1) Comment on which OS you would recommend and why.
(2) Please provide your real name and what name or nickname you want to be called.
(3) Describe the people on your team who will likely be performing the various tasks included in this project
(4) Provide your Skype ID and a good time to reach you.
(5) List your approximate hourly rate.
(6) Discuss how long you have been in business, and assure me that you will be available to support this code and add features once the initial project is complete.
(7) Describe any projects you have created / managed that may include similar components – this will help me select you or your firm.

Applications missing the items above will be deleted. Applications containing thoughtful discussion of this project are more likely to be selected.