3d model

3d model


Job Description

I'm looking for someone that can put Rivers, Roads, Buildings,Bridges,topography and Agriculture in different layers so later i can add material to different layers.

1. I have done topography drawing to scale, I want it to be connect thru 3d max to create 3d model.
2. Moving buildings and bridges and mosque to the right place:-
I have done 2d autocad drawing no to scale
I have done 3d autocad drawing to scale
3. Deliverable files
1. In 3d max by creating 3d model has Rivers, Roads, Buildings,Bridges,topography and Agriculture. ----layers
2. Auto cad because i need to general plans and sections
3. Revit because i need to general plans and sections
4. Ask me if you have any question

5. Everything to scale in feet

please find attachment

you can see it in google maps or you can find images at google or bing my writing "" on the search bar. please look at the images and study them well

bing maps

google maps


All this to create 3d model.

Easy project but i got in car accident and i can't sit down for long with out pain