Software engineers for Desktop Audio Player controlled by Bluetooth Mobile app

Software engineers for Desktop Audio Player controlled by Bluetooth Mobile app


Job Description

We are seeking highly skilled software engineers to develop a sophisticated desktop audio player for Windows and MacOSX that can be controlled by a Bluetooth mobile app. It would be ideal if you are also well experienced in developing iPhone or Android apps. You may still apply if you are only capable of developing for only one of the desktop platforms.

You will have extensive knowledge of Bluetooth technology and the use of Bluetooth to control software functionality.

Essential Development Approach:
The desktop audio player will need to be developed in a way that it can be controlled by an iPhone/Android app via Bluetooth. It also needs to be developed in a way that it can be stored or built in to a desktop Bluetooth USB device, and in a way that the software will auto-install or at least prompt the user to install when the desktop Bluetooth USB device is connected to the desktop computer.

Software License Authentication:
The desktop software will need to communicate with our web server to authenticate the software license. The software license will be for a fixed period, after which the license will need to be renewed.

Essential Features Required for Desktop Audio Player:
-Standard audio player controls, e.g. Play, Pause, Stop, Volume Control, Equalizer, Create Playlists, etc.
-Automatic beat-matched crossfading between two audio tracks
-User control via Desktop
-User control via Mobile app by the pairing of desktop Bluetooth USB device and mobile Bluetooth device

Brief insight into how Mobile Control Feature will work:
-Audio tracks from a selected playlist on the desktop audio player will also display on a paired Bluetooth mobile device through a mobile app
-Audio tracks displaying on the mobile app can be selected to play on the desktop audio player
-High security: mobile user access and control limited to affecting the playing and playing order (and similar tasks) of audio tracks from a selected playlist within the desktop audio player (candidate must address all vulnerabilities of desktop Bluetooth connectivity)

The right candidates will have advanced expertise in software development and Bluetooth technology, and ideally a good understanding of audio software.

Budget for the project will be finalized following interviews and further discussion of the project requirements with the right candidates.

Skills: software-development, visual-c++, microsoft-windows, mac-os-x