Online indicator

Online indicator


Job Description

Creating an online indicator test based on this as an example using something like wordpress.

7 categories will be needed to form a Business Health Check indicator

45 questions are involved with Yes, No, Maybe responses

The initial test will be free, but First Name, Last Name and Email Address will need to be submitted to receive a Lite Version of the full written report (4 pages) which will set them up an account and will store there responses for future retrieval

Users will be then given the option to upgrade to the full 20 page report that results based on the responses they have entered.

The report should be done through a pre-formatted PDF writer and will be based on predefined responses for if the user answered Yes, No or Maybe to the question.

All content will be provided and ideally would like to fields editable for future changes if required

The Lite Version 4 page report - will consist of the first 4 pages of the attachment

The Full Version - will consist of all 20 pages of the attachment

FUTURE OPPORTUNITY: For a successful outcome here there is the possibility for involvement in taking 6 other indicator online in the same way.

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