Contact Editors Of Fashion Magazines/TV/Cable/Etc.

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Job Description

This project could evolve into a lot more potential work ongoing, but we'll start with just 2 activities:

1) Make a list of 100 editors (name + email) from online fashion magazines, offline fashion magazines, editors for fashion columns in newspapers, editors for TV shows, etc.

2) Email them an email personalized to their name, etc. to inquire about providing them with footage (video), photos, and written summary of different fashion shows.

If you have contacts in the fashion industry who can facilitate a press pass for us in exchange for providing footage of fashion shows, events, then please quote that as a separate price to finalize our getting one.

When bidding, please talk about your experience in the fashion industry. The more experience and contacts you have the better as our goal is to cover fashion events, start with getting a press pass from one large media outlet, and then sell the coverage (video+images) to the other smaller outlets.



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