Complete Data Center Solution

Complete Data Center Solution


Job Description

We require the following project to be implemented.

Data Center for Port Operation...

Planning....Design... Build... Programme... Software.... Install....

a) Primary Site: VM Servers (application Servers), Vcenter/ Redundant RAID SAN Storage, Data Service

b) Disaster Recovery Site: Hot-Plug PSU vCenter Server/ VM Host/ Redundant RAID SAN Storage, Data Service Option

c) Systems: Fire Suppression System, raised Floor, Drop Ceiling, Precision Air Conditioning, Environmental Control Panel, IPCCTV

d) Hardware: Passive Equipment-Primary, Active Equipment-Primary, Passive Equipment-Remote

What we need is a complete data center with new servers, back-up solutions, Application Software, etc. as described above.

If you have done such project before and able to work on this project we would like to hear from you.

Please note: This project will involve traveling and you must be able to travel, all expenses will be paid including food and refreshments.

You are expected to design the layout, configure servers, write softwares, install the softwares, setup network and setup back system.

* Only experts may apply this work.

Junaid I. Egale