Efficient Project Manager / Account Manager wanted for web agency

Efficient Project Manager / Account Manager wanted for web agency


Job Description


NOT FOR A DESIGNER - Please if you are a designer, do not apply :)


Your role is speak with our clients, take the requirements for their projects and manage the project from concept through to going live by making sure our designers do what needs to be done and that all the customers' requests are handled quickly and with passion.

Being organised should be effortless for you. You should have a knack at "getting" what people mean when they describe their dreams for their project. You are so efficient that it takes you minimal time to capture project requirements and get our designers going.

Your elegance of communication, understanding of peoples needs and speed of response makes the clients you manage feel warm and fuzzy.

If this is you, if you have a talent at giving clients what they want and working closely with designers to get their creative juices going, to bring projects in on time, on budget and with maximum client satisfaction, then please apply.

This will be a pilot website during which we will assess your ability to work independently to achieve the above outcomes with a view to scaling up over time to managing multiple projects a week. To this end, you will need to demonstrate efficiency and efficacy with your time.

Your role will NOT be developing or designing anything but knowledge of web design, wordpress, joomla, web hosting etc. is very important as you will need to understand the clients needs and also be able to explain to them why we do things the way we do, when needed.

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