Quick Squarespace Website Modification

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Seeking Web Developer who is proficient in editing the Squarespace API/Framework to make a minor modification to existing site.

The project has a budget of $20 which is broken up into 2 milestones:

5$ Milestone 1: An example squarespace site that has the change implemented.
15$ Milestone 2: Full delivery and testing of code to input into squarespace site.

If at any point we cannot come to an agreement that a milestone is complete, you will get paid for all completed milestones and 50% of the current milestone and will conclude the project and give each other positive reviews.


1. Change the shopping cart icon in the top right corner from a cart to a bag
2. Change the font from "Cart" to "Shopping Tote"
3. Change the color from Black to Pink/Purple: #92278f (R146, G39, B143)

I have attached a document with a mockup of the required changes, please follow the specifications exactly.

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