HTML5 Mobile Order Application

HTML5 Mobile Order Application


Job Description

**See Links Below for Wire Frames and Work Flow

Summary: is designed to be a html5 mobile "In-Venue" ordering application. In-Venue would apply to a user at an event, such as a sports stadium (The Venue) that wishes to place an order on their mobile device and have it delivered directly to their seat (In Seat Delivery). The customer would simply connect to the Venues page on the system, create an account, define their seat location, select their food items and pay. Their order will then be processed by the venue and delivered directly to their seat.

Additionally a user could select to "Express Pick Up" which would allow them to come pick-up their order at the Venues provided "Express Lane". The Express Lane will be a line reserved solely for "Express Pick Up" orders. This allows a user to bypass people standing and waiting to order and pay for their items, and go straight to pick-up.

-Mobile Site to be responsive to fit all screen types
-jQuery, Sencha Touch, AJAX

Key Integrations:
-Payment Gateway: Stripe Connect (see
-SMS Messages: Twilio (see

Minor Integrations via iFraming:
-Support Tickets: (see
-FAQ Knowledge Base: (see
-Video Tutorials:

Project includes developing a responsive mobile web application that works on all browsers and mobile devices. The application will have four components

1. Backend Console for Ownership Company (ie: Management)
Description: This is the module that we, the management, will login to view our customer status, account stats, manage support requests, etc.

2. Admin Console for Venue Account (ie: restaurants, hotels, vendors)
Description: This is the module that our customers will login to create menu categories and items, connect payment gateways, enter service details, etc.

3. Order Management Panel for Venue Accounts
Description: This is the module that our customers will login to view incoming orders and communicate with users once their orders are complete.

4. HTML5 Mobile Ordering Module for Customers (ie: hungry people with smartphones)
Description: This is the HTML5 mobile module that users will connect to so they can view menu items, create and account, enter their seating details, order and pay.

Wire Frame Links

Admin & Order Manager<<< See Button on "Venues" page.

Back End

Work Flow Link:

Warranty Period: 60 Days

Payment Terms:
-10% down upon contract agreement (Total paid- 10%)
-40% upon 1/2 way milestone (Total paid- 40%)
-25% upon completion / product launch (Total paid- 75%)
-25% after 60 day warranty period has concluded (Total paid- 100%)