Create a simple site for a music producer including music playlist/shopping cart


Job Description

I am a music producer/engineer who makes instrumentals/beats for artists in the hip hop, r&b and pop industry. I am looking to launch my own music site where I can simply put my stuff on display. I have already registered my domain ( and purchased hosting.

Here's what I would like the site to include:

1. A basic font-only banner/logo at the top of the page that says "Eddie Adams" in a grafitti font. Preferably gradient with purple, baby blue & silver, and "" beneath that in a smaller, solid color font. I have created a separate job for this already because I wasn't sure if that would be considered a different job….sorry this is my first website.

2. A simple solid color background. I really would like the colors I mentioned above to repeat in other places throughout the site. Purple, light blue and silver.

3. A shopping cart/music playlist where I can feature some of my tracks and allow customers to purchase them via the site directly with Paypal.

4. A few of images of me hard at work in the studio which I, of course, will provide.

5. The usual social networking buttons and links.

6. An about me section and a what's new section

I also have 4 premium Joomla/WordPress templates for music sites that include the shopping cart plugin. I'm not sure if these would be of any use or help in any way.

Skills: producer, banner