Connect FTDI USB to ARM chip & write conn Software

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

- Send data to/from an ARM chip from/to a PC via High speed USB 2.0.
- minimal software, idealy 1 main loop with USB data coming in via an ISR filling
an Rx buffer and emptying a Tx buffer on the ARM.
- create PCB design of final implementation.

Test these 2 possible hardware implimentations:

1] - Connect an FTDI chip (FT232H) to an STM32F4 chip using one of the
fastest FTDI connection methods:
A] synchronous serial port like SPI.
B] synchronous FIFO modes (up to 40MB/s i think)
Use these two boards to wire up prototype to test:

FTDI - UM232H - MODULE, DEV, UM232H - FT232H:

Keep it simple.