XSLT file export from LibreOffice Calc to XML

XSLT file export from LibreOffice Calc to XML


Job Description

We use a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet to keep track of the real estate ads on portals.

Through our website, we want to run ads we have, on general search portals.

These portals require that our ads are created in XML format.

We need a xslt file to export the spreadsheet from Calc we use to manage ads, in an XML format for the portal. We took as a reference the portal "http://homes.trovit.com/."
Here's the address with instructions for how it should be made an XML content feed: http://about.trovit.com/your-ads-on-trovit/uk/feed-uk-homes/

We attach 1 file in OpenOffice Calc ODS, and here "http://digitalimprint.com/misc/oooexport/" you can find 2 files in XSLT that we found that might come in handy as:
the first file works with openoffice and produces an XML file with labels corresponding to the contents of the first line of the file exported ODS;
the second file works in LibreOffice Calc (environment we prefer) and produces an XML file with labels corresponding to the column number of the box exported.

We serve a revised version of the XSLT file where:

- You can manually change the columns assocciate each XML attribute (even manually by editing the XSLT code, this is required to avoid future changes and extensions of the columns of ODS file that contains all the ads);

- In the generated XML file, an ID of the decree must be always unique, even in respect of exports earlier (if not possible to achieve this function with the XSLT file, will then be made separately with a further revision of the exported XML file );

- The date of the announcements of the export file, must be the date of creation of the XML file, so you have ads with the date even more present;

- You can choose the rows (select ads to export) to export the XML file output (we thought to do so by selecting the rows filling with a predetermined character, a pre-column, for example column 3 of the attached file) ;

- The url of the ad is set manually by a dedicated column;

- The url of the images attached, is set as the sum of a predetermined path, the name of the folder that contains the files of the images shown in column 27 of the attached file, and the name of the image shown in columns 28 to 39 of the file ods Annex;

- The reference budget is established from 100 to 250 € maximum for the generation of a single XSLT file as above;

- The fields in the XML file, filled with the contents of the columns of ODS file, must be contained in a section! [CDATA [...]] as required by the portal;

- If additional columns are needed, which are not currently present on the file ODS set as example, to produce the draft XSLT, you face account of them available, by creating them on file ODS;

- It is preferable that the structure of the XSLT code is created in an intuitive way so that we can facilitate future modifications and implementations;

- Do not require a standalone software but a plug-in that exports to XML LibreOffice Calc sheet that we use to manage ads (LibreOffice, as well as OpenOffice, already have plug-in XML export but not tailored to the needs notre) ;

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