Build LED belt protoype

Build LED belt protoype


Job Description

I’m interested to find out if you are able to build a device for me that involves an led light strip in a belt that wraps around a person’s stomach and back area.
It would look very similar to this:
Though I need my device to be different in two ways:
1) I want it to have more leds so that led lights are around the entire inner area (so that lights are shining on the belly, sides, as well as low back).
2) I would like for it to be capable of running off of a battery pack rather than needing to be plugged into a wall.

So I have two questions for you: First, are you able to build me a prototype of this device? Second, can you estimate the cost for your service to build this device?

If you apply for this job, please be honest if you have expertise working with leds and you are SURE that you can build and modify this device as needed.
Please send your portfolio or samples of any devices you’ve created that are similar to this—something that demonstrates that you are capable of producing the device I’m asking for here.

Thank you,
Ari Whitten