Wordgame Solver PHP Project

Wordgame Solver PHP Project


Job Description

We need a PHP web application developed that will perform the following:

1) Display a simple graphical game board grid for various board games such as
-Words with Friends
User will select the game board they wish to display.

2) Allow a user to enter letter tiles onto this board easily using keyboard and arrow keys.

3) Allow a user to enter a set of tiles to represent "their tile rack"

4) When activated, the application will present a sorted list of the most valuable words it is possible to play on the board and their point values, based on a dictionary selected by the user. These results will be presented as a list that a user can mouse over that will display the word in question placed on the board.

5)Tool must fit into a fixed width that will be provided.

6)Tool must be designed so it is easily possible to add in additional dictionaries and game boards.

7)You must provide all final php scripts required for the application.

Board layouts, dictionaries, and a finished example of goal will be provided.

Skills: games, software-development