Chief Game Discoverer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are a pre-launch game blog that focuses on highlighting the best internet flash games. And we need to document the top games that are exclusively available on the Internet that we will also feature on our blog. This position is a lot of fun!

The Internet Flash Games we are looking for have three characteristics:
1. They are exclusively on the Internet and not available on the Android market (otherwise known as mobile or smartphone games.)

2. They are indie games. They are not branded. This includes games like Mario Bros, Sonic, Megaman, Tetris, etc. Or those created by design studios - Armor Games, etc.

3. They are quality games. They work flawlessly in the browser, don't have any major bugs, they are fun to play and have a higher production value - such as graphics, game play, etc. (Yes, you will be playing some games!)

Tools you will need:

1. Web browser that supports Flash. (Test yours here:

2. Access to a gmail account.

Skills you will need:

1. Google Search - ability to find the many different gaming sites.

2. Google Docs Spreadsheet - ability to enter data into our master list accurately and consistently.

3. Ability to determine a game's quality.

4. Thoroughness. We can't miss any important games

Process and Job Duties:
1. Using a web browser that supports flash, visit Internet flash game websites.

2. Find games that fit our three characteristics.

3. Using Google Play App search, type in the game's name. ( Determine if the game is or ever has been an Android game. There are two ways to accomplish this:

a. Google's autofill will list the game's name as an autofill option - if the game is there or was there at any point. Just start typing in the game and see if it comes up as an autofill option. If it does come up move to the next game. If it does not comes up, go to step b.

b. After typing the game's complete title, it comes up as a game already available to the Android store. Verify it is or is not the same game.

If the game appears to pass points a and b above, go to step four.

4. Document the game in Google spreadsheet. You are to show:

a. Title of game.

b. URL of game.

Details of the job:

We don't know how many games are out there that are a good fit for our blog. The number is likely in the thousands.

Because of this large number you will be looking for games based on a specific genres. The first game genre to be documented are arcade and puzzle games. This is a very large genre. The following genre will be girl games, followed by action games.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Skills: gmail, google-accounts